Caught in the time warp.

Here I Am.

Well, that took a while.  It’s been over a year since my last post.  My last post about THE COMFORT ZONE! I almost typed “I don’t know what happened….” but truth is I do.  My own comfort zone took me DOWN (Alien’s won the battle but not the war)! Writing that post brought up a lot of uncomfortable feelings.  I felt like I was out of things to say. What else would I write about? Why was I doing this anyway- no one would ever read it. Who did I think I was anyway? I am no expert on these things.  Look at me, over 30 years I have been struggling with this – and I am still struggling. I don’t have the answers.  And on and on went that negative self talk that is the “DEAD ZONE”.  That’s a favorite one of my own comfort zone… that “Who do you think you are anyway?” that one is an effective tool of my comfort zone (more on lies told in the comfort zone).  Effective in that it presses all my buttons. It triggers all the feelings of unworthiness and incompetence that plague me.

Truth is I started this BECAUSE I don’t have the answers.  I started this as a place to make note of the things I learn on my journey TO the answer! I started this because I am not an expert, and because I don’t actually care if anyone reads it – but if they do MAYBE it would help them.

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