100 Fierce 3.0 – The reboot’s reboot.

It is ridiculous that I keep doing the same thing time and time again. (Read Blog post WTF). Still not much has changed. Well, maybe I should not say that. I should give myself more credit. Since those last posts many months ago I have dropped 10lbs and kept it off. I have a bit of a new attitude. This is no longer about appearances, or pleasing others or comparing myself to others. Now its about being kind to myself. Loving myself. Being healthy, aging healthfully. I have a co-worker who is 65 and unable to retire due to her shopping addiction. She limps when she walks, she takes all sorts of medications, she has pain in her shoulders and neck. She cannot carry things, she cannot bend. I do not want to find myself there and I was noticing that I might end up there sooner then later. I want to have energy and vitality.

All too often self care is equated to soaking in a tub by candlelight. I was guilty of thinking self care was the “binging on Netflix, indulging in the chocolate” form of “self-care”. But lets be brutally honest here. Real self-care is getting done what needs to get done. Its doing the hard things. Tough-love is the real love. moving your body, making healthy choices, doing the hard things. That. is. self-love. That is the mindset shift that is necessary for making a change. When you do not want to exercise you need to remind yourself its in the name of love. When you are facing a decision between a salad and a burger self love is choosing the salad at least half the time…. and self love is when you do choose the burger, enjoy the burger then move on from the burger and don’t beat yourself up about it.

So, this time I have signed up for Noom. That makes me feel ridiculous as I type it because I have done them all: Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Dr, Bernstein, Keto, etc etc etc. Noom really does seem different. I am on part 2 of the “classes” that they provide. I love that they use psychology and provide information about motivation and goal setting, sabotaging thoughts and that is just the beginning. I have to believe that THIS time will be different. I am making smaller changes, I am working at loving myself. The pandemic is making it a bit challenging so I am focusing on easy changes I can make right now. Logging everything I eat, trying to have a fruit or a veggie with each meal, drinking more water. Turning off the t.v. for a bit in the evening and playing a game at the table for a little while. These might not all be weight loss related but they all count as self love.

Anyway, When I was typing those older posts I didn’t have my own laptop. Now I do. This is my first post from my new laptop. Exciting times! I plan on being more consistent with my posts. I love to write. Writing for me is self-love.

Ok, signing off for the time being.


Be good to yourself. Always.

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