Get Real: Acknowledge the Struggle

Part of me thinks I should be writing these inspirational blog posts jammed packed full of how to’s and deep insight on how to help people reach their goals, find happiness and health and lose weight. If I had that much knowledge and insight to share, this is not the blog I would be writing because that is not why I started this blog. I wanted to write an authentic account o my personal journey. Struggles and all. I want to be vulnerable and relatable to the other people struggling as I am. When I went looking for a weight loss blog I couldn’t find one like that. I found blogs by people who were already at their goal and were running for fun. Seriously, who runs for fun? No one I can relate to. I am not sure I would run if a bear was chasing me – What would be the point? I’d be so slow he’d catch me anyway!

So today, we have real and vulnerable. Here I am. Weighed down by fear, lack of action and paralyzed by over-thinking – actually more accurately – not wanting to think at all. Writing about what I know about my inner alien and allowing it full control. Feeling like a fraud. How’s that for uplifting? Well – there is light at the end of the galaxy. “One small step for mankind” as they say – one step at a time.

Today is the beginning of my 4th week on Noom*. I haven’t lost a pound. In fact, I am 2lbs more then when I started. I love the mindset and behavioural psychology articles provided by Noom. They are really great. I think the red, yellow green classification of foods is quite smart and helpful for learning how to eat properly. I need to do the work. Why won’t I do the freaking work? Its not like I haven’t got time. This week in particular I felt especially paralyzed and have only done things to sabotage myself. Why? I want this so badly. I really do. I really REALLY do. And I really feel like I am on the verge of getting it, like this really could be it. I am going to be 50 in 6 months. I do not want to be fat and fifty.

Today I am going to make a meal plan. Actually, today I am going to make a page on my blog for meal plans! I will post my weight on Sunday and my meal plan for the week. If there are recipes I will link to them. today happens to be a Sunday where I have some extra time on my hands and time to myself (seriously, that RARELY happens) .

Alright. I’ve got this. Time to really start moving forward. If you feel like you need a little support right now, comment below for some encouragement/commiseration from me!

Keep moving forward.

*I am not an affiliate of Noom but like everyone who is a member I do get an incentive for referring people that stay past the free trial.

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