Back on track, All over the map Thoughts.

Well here we are again. It’s been a hot minute since I posted. Honestly, I think its because I sort of lost sight of why I was writing this blog in the first place. Although I do believe the information provided in the posts is true and accurate I sort of feel like a fraud because even though its info I know its not info I have been following. How long ago did I start this blog and nothing has changed. My weight hasn’t budged. The purpose of the blog was to be vulnerable and truthful in my journey (which is why I write anonymously). The purpose isn’t to tell other people what to do. I am supposed to share what I am doing, how I am feeling, thinking etc as I move forward. Trouble is I have been standing still.

Why did I choose the astronaut/space theme for my blog? Definitely the theme of silencing my inner alien is part of it, but also it also seemed like the perfect choice because nothing represents BIG dreams as when you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up and they answer “an astronaut”. Being in space seems like the most extreme form of adventure imaginable. Exploring dark corners of the universe, discovering bright stars and new things. It felt like an excellent metaphor for what I want to achieve.

I recently learned about the concept of a “Glow up”. That term really resonated with me. I have been reading about it a bit and was disappointed that generally it is referring to only physical changes. I, however think to truly glow your inside has to align with your outside. Mind, body, spirit if you will. That is what I am aiming for. I truly want to glow from the inside out (not in a nuclear, bad sci-fi movie way, LOL).

So, I am re-focusing the blog. My new goal is to do at least 1 thing towards each area of my “Glow up” for the next 100 days. Something for my mind, something for my body, something for my spirit. As I go I will post my thoughts, feelings, actions etc.

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