About Me

I am so glad you are here.
I am sure you landed on this page to find out a little bit about me.  Talking about myself has never been my strong suit.  I kind of like to blend in and go unnoticed.  So here I am publishing a blog that the entire world can access!

I am a 40-something (ouch!) mom of one fantastic-ly fun (ya, I made up a word), kind, reach for the stars, anything is possible girl.  I am wife to one so smart,  handsome, handy around the house, make me laugh every day guy.  I am truly blessed, and grateful for these two amazing people in my life.  We share our small town home with 2 very different dogs: one who douses us with kisses just for showing up and one who makes us work for her affections, as well as one young wild and crazy cat who loves to test gravity (good bye wine glasses), and snuggle with some less then impressed canines.

In spite of having this wonderful, loving family, I have struggled with my own happiness. My weight has plagued me from the time I was…. well the age my daughter is now. I remember the exact moment at age 11 when something clicked inside me and I suddenly hated my body and felt I was fat (I wasn’t).  I started to diet. and I have been dieting for over 35 years…. and dieting has only made me fatter. I have lost weight several times only to have it creep back up sometimes, and come running at me full speed other times. Now with 100 lbs to lose I have realized, losing weight won’t make me happy.  I have to find happy and then the weight loss will follow.

This is why I have started this blog.  There is so much controversy and confusion thrown at us “dieters” daily… low carb/low fat/high protein/plant based….  but there isn’t much about our mindset, how to be happy throughout the journey.  I started looking for blogs to follow as I was thinking about this new journey.  I couldn’t find any that followed a journey.  All the blogs started when the person had reached their goal.  And so many of the blogs were about exercise.  At 100 lbs overweight with aching knees and hips and ankles, I am not at a spot where reading about running a half-marathon is even remotely relateable. I hope you will follow my journey, be inspired by my journey and share your own journey by commenting on my posts.  We can be better together, dear reader.  Let’s do this!