The Dead Zone

My dad was a heating contractor, I worked him for a short time in my twenties. There is a spot on a thermostat where neither heating or cooling need to click on.  It’s known as “the comfort zone” or “the dead zone”. Think about that for a second. The. Dead. Zone. (More on The Comfort Zone – or Inner Alien)

Today I am thinking about my comfort zone.  It’s where I live.  I rarely NEVER stretch it.  Its my warm cozy, soft, dark, but not too dark den of everything is just right.  Living in my comfort zone has most certainly kept me comfortable in some regards.  But it has made me restless, and it hasn’t made me happy.  Funny, that unhappy can be comfortable.  Comfortable is easy.  Uncomfortable is hard.  Comfort has contributed a lot to my weight.  I bet if you reflect for a minute you will agree that comfort has contributed to yours too.  This dead zone mindset has to be broken.  I think it’s the most important chain to break in the journey to healthy living.

There are lots of emotions that well up inside our comfort zone when we attempt – or even THINK of attempting something uncomfortable.  Fear? Guilt? Unworthiness? Anger? There are more but those are mine. Feeling uncomfortable often makes us feel discouraged.  I tend to give up when I feel discouraged.  It’s a self fulfilling prophecy, really.  Feeling discouraged makes me feel I can’t, I give up so I don’t. Typing that sentence, I had a light bulb moment.  Comfort is tied to grit.  When my daughter is discouraged with her math homework and throws her pencil and yells “I CAN’T DO IT” I always tell her to say “I can’t do it YET”.  I have never applied this thinking to my own situations.  Is feeling uncomfortable a sufficient reason for not doing something? Not doing things kinda puts us in the “dead zone”!  I don’t care what goal you’ve set for yourself…. Lose 100 lbs… start a new career…. Write a book…. Start a blog, you’ll never achieve it by giving up as soon as its uncomfortable.


I think the comfort zone in our minds served a purpose in the days of hunters/gatherers.  It surely served a purpose to protect against getting eaten by the carnivores or drowning in fast moving waters or falling off mountains.  But now, in my ever evolved life it has been stopping me from everything that is seven the slightest bit uncomfortable.  It makes me feel justified in making excuses: it’s too hot, too cold, too wet, too slippery, too many bears to go for a walk. Its too expensive, too much work, no one will eat it, everyone will complain, I’ll just throw it out if I learn to cook healthy meals.

But you know what I have been noticing? Cool things don’t happen in my comfort zone (neither do HOT things).  The comfort zone is always the same.  If you visit my Pinterest page  you will see motivational quotes about the comfort zone.  My favourite is: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.  So, the first leg of my journey is to expand my comfort zone.

How will I expand my comfort zone?

  • Say yes more often!
  • Really listen to the excuses I make and evaluate if they are true or if its my comfort zone bristling.
  • Do (at least) one thing every day that is good for me that I don’t really want to do (go for a walk, drink apple cider vinegar etc)
  • Learn something new.

Tell me in the comments, how will you expand your comfort zone?

Let the Adventure Begin.

Welcome to my journey.  This is the very beginning.

Well here it is. The first official post.  I know it may be some time before anyone ever reads this…. heck, no one might ever read it, but I hope at some point the person who needs to read it, finds it.  That, after all is why I am have embarked on this new journey.

So, I am here because I need to lose 100 lbs.  ONE. HUNDRED. That sure seems like a lot.  I have probably lost more then that over all of the years I have dieted.  But it has taken me 30++ years to figure out that the diets weren’t working.  Even though I lost weight SOME of the times, when I did, I gained it back.  I will never DIET again.  Yet here I am needing to drop a hundo.

Mindset, baby. I believe that the key to losing and keeping it off is MINDSET! (Ya, the food too but without the right mindset its impossible to consistently make the right choices)

The more times I diet and gain or diet and don’t lose or wake up dieting and  proceeded to eat cold pizza for breakfast the more my mindset has been destroyed . Its time to get my mind in the game.  If you feel like a failure your going to act like a failure and you’re gonna to FAIL!

So I will be blogging about mindset, I will be blogging about finding happiness in life RIGHT NOW and I will be blogging about food,  and nutrition science.  I am not a Scientist, a Nutritionist, or a Psychologist. I am a stay at home mom who is ready to dedicate significant time to learning and doing everything I need to in order to drop 100 and be 100% fierce!

I am happy to share my journey with YOU.

Please comment below, where in your journey are you?

The J.

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter” ~ Izah Walton